Registration Fees


* Students have to present a copy of their valid student picture ID. The age limit for a student is set at 30 years.

Registration fees are in Euro (€). Based on current legislation in Austria, ÖGAI c/o VMA does not charge VAT for its services (free of VAT according to §2/Abs.5/Zi.2/UStG).

Terms & conditions

The registration fee includes:

•    Access to the Networking event on Thursday
•    Access to scientific sessions (incl. Symposium on Sunday)
•    Access to the exhibition
•    Final program
•    Certificate of attendance
•    Coffee/tea during breaks and snacks during lunch breaks


Payment modalities

Payment of Registration fees may be made in EURO (no VAT) by:

Bank transfer to the congress account
Payments should be made without charges to the beneficiary. Any bank charges will be collected on site. Clearly state the participant's name(s), matching with the name(s) on the registration form.

Credit Cards
Visa, Mastercard 


The reduced early registration fee is only applicable, if it has been paid to the congress account within the according deadlines. Registering without performing an actual payment will automatically set your balance to the fee applicable onsite.